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Oy Lamiforce Ab streamlines the Bridgestone Evasafe distribution activities for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. Bridgestone Evasafe is the lamination interlayer for the glass processing industry. Its suburb properties  make it the best glass lamination product in general and in extreme climate conditions in particular. 

Evasafe is "just" an industrial product. The Evasafe distributors acknowledged this already in an early stage and decided to "spice-up" the product by offering a whole range of products supplementing Evasafe. These products have to be top quality and are thoroughly tested in the own laboratories. As Evasafe distributor it would be a pleasure discussing all creative options for lamination in glass with you in a personal meeting.

One of the products we can offer is high resolution imagery into PET foil for lamination in glass, Viewcol ( Viewcol is produced in Sydney, Australia and being a  lightweight foil it can easily and cost effective be shipped worldwide. Basically any high resolution digital file can be converted to Viewcol. Viewcol can be applied both internally and externally and has been thoroughly tested. When applied outdoor, a minimum of 2 layers (2 x 0.4-mm) of Evasafe are required to protect the imagery from UV light and you can enjoy the radiant colours of Viewcol for years to come.

We also offer single colour PET film for lamination in glass for interior use.  Together with Rosco we are now developing a single coloured PET film especially for lamination with Bridgestone Evasafe. The aim is to develop a film that can both be used for interior and exterior applications. In addition we hope to offer soon sizes wider than 1220-mm, preferably up to 2000-mm and also longer lengths on a roll.

It would be a pleasure to also advise you on LED and LC (Liquid Crystal) applications and solutions! For these high end products we are working with Polytron In addition to supplying you with the insert we also provide the technical support to ensure successful lamination of these relatively expensive products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

Samverk in Hella, Iceland is replacing the windows of the Iceland parliament building with in glass laminated polycarbonate. Of course, Bridgestone Evasafe is used as the interlayer.


(We copied this picture from the internet and do not know whether it is subject to royalties. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us. The picture is really pretty)


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